In the enchanting tale of Sriya.AI, the magic unfolded
when Caesar and Sunny, two spirited dogs, crossed paths during a neighborhood stroll. From that serendipitous encounter, a captivating journey began, weaving the charming narrative that is Sriya.AI.


Meet Our Visionary Leader

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi, Ph.D., CFA, an inspirational entrepreneur, led a dedicated team in crafting a groundbreaking deep-tech AI-ML algorithm solution over the course of several years. Their collective efforts resulted in a robust and sophisticated technological marvel.

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Unveiling AI2: A Revolutionary AI Innovation Masterpiece

Embark on a journey with PRECISION-AI, a global masterpiece powered by the innovative Sriya Expert Index (SXI). This technological marvel is the result of relentless refinement, exceptional design prowess, and a steadfast commitment to global impact. Join us as we unveil the future on the worldwide stage.