What We Do

"We are a deep AI2-ML leader that empowers Healthcare, Finance and Industrial Markets to maximize the exponential power of advanced AI solutions to solve their most pressing problems "

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  • Hospital Unplanned Readmission
  • Readmission Rate < 30 days
  • Mortality Rate
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  • Fraud
  • Risk & Payment Prediction
  • Prevention
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  • Forecast To Sales
  • Product To Profits
  • Order To Cash
  • Start by benchmarking the use-case worthiness of your DATA with an AI2 Score and then uncover the hidden VALUE in the following areas:

    Power Of AI2

    Hospital Unplanned Readmission

    Hospital Unplanned Readmission

    A patient returning to the hospital unexpectedly within a certain time frame after discharge.

    Finance Fraud

    Finance Fraud

    Financial fraud involves deceptive practices aimed at gaining monetary benefit illegally, often through misrepresentation, manipulation, or false information.

    Maintenance Costs

    Maintenance Costs

    Maintenance costs represent expenses incurred to sustain or repair equipment, machinery, or systems, ensuring their proper functioning and longevity.

    Transportation & logistics Costs

    Transportation & logistics Costs

    Transportation and logistics costs cover expenses for moving, storing, and distributing goods across various locations efficiently.

    Online Conversions

    Online Conversions

    Online conversions denote desired actions (e.g., purchases, sign-ups) users take on a website, reflecting successful engagement or transactions.

    Subscription Growth

    Subscription Growth

    Subscription growth signifies the increase in the number of recurring customers paying for services or products over time.

    Bank Loan Analysis

    Bank Loan Analysis

    Bank loan analysis assesses borrower's creditworthiness, repayment ability, and risk factors to determine eligibility and terms for loan approval.



    Productivity refers to the efficiency and output of tasks or activities accomplished within a specific period or resource framework.

    Measurable Improvements


    More powerful than Standard-AI


    Accuracy attainment


    Model deployment

    Why Sriya.AI2?

    We believe companies create valuable data every minute and we are committed to helping our clients unravel the patterns and insights only AI2 can do!




    AI2 - Indexing




    Feedback loop

    Your DATA holds the ANSWERS,
    we can help you find it!

    Where to begin?
    Problems & Solutions

    Solution : Super feature (AI2) converts complex multi-variate problems into simple bi-variate solutions

    Solution : A personalized prescription (GPT) roadmap to achieve quantitative business outcomes

    Solution : Sriya-ML, 40+ pre-learned Models supported by Marketplace of Experts


    International recognized group of professionals from data scientists to awarding winning PhDs with the mission to educate, communicate and democratize AI2 .

    Comparison Chart

    Generative AI2
    Prediction, Prescriptions & MLOPs
    Feature Engineering
    Business Outcomes & Target Improvements
    Workflow & Dashboard
    Super Feature
    Scoring & Indexing
    Business Outcome Correlation
    Accuracy & Precision (>90%)
    Reinforcement Learning

    Comparison Table

    Industry Name Sriya-AI Accuracy % AI2 Accuracy %
    Clinical Analysis 63.29 100.0 ↑ 58.001% increase
    Wireless 67.00 98.00 ↑ 46.27 % increase
    Replenishment 78.90 99.90 ↑ 26.61 % increase
    Education 80.80 100.0 ↑ 23.80 % increase
    Oil and Gas 87.50 100.0 ↑ 14.30 % increase
    Healthcare 89.00 98.80 ↑ 11.01 % increase

    “Sriya-AI utilizes standard machine learning algorithms, whereas Sriya-AI2 utilizes proprietary precision learning indexing algorithms offering 20-40% accuracy improvement with 100% precision.”


    “Sriya product and it's predictive capabilities hold a lot of promise for the industrial giants like GE in the areas of Healthcare, Aviation and Energy.”

    “Based on my evaluation of Sriya.ai's product, its predictive model shows a lot of potential. Look forward to exploring more.”